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Where R&B and Alternative Music Collide to bring you "Chocolate Rock"

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Philly is where SING calls home, and this singer/songwriter/ bass player has always been driven to give music lovers of the world something different. His “Dirty Truth” EP (April 2020) did just that, giving listeners a taste of that deep ‘Chocolate Rock’. With songs detailing his erotic fantasies, relationships and a reflection of the times, this guitar heavy vibe fest is refreshing to experience through his voice. 

March 2022 saw the release of “The World Will Know Your Name”; a song of lyrical affirmations dedicated to dreamers!  The  intro "Everything that you need you already have, Everything that you have is all that you need" sets a tone of inspiration that is driven by tribal beats and roaring guitars.

Summer '23 was kicked off with the single and official music video release of "I'm So High" followed by a warm velvety dose of pure R&B just in time for winter with his latest single.  The heartfelt ballad "Stay Right Here", brings listeners to the flower bed of a blossoming romance where kindred spirits resist the outside world and cherish the secure embrace of love..

With several releases slated for this year be sure to stay tuned for more in 2024!

"Perfect song. Congrats Sing! You did it again! Grammy worthy"

(Stay Right Here music video comment on YouTube)

Dive in, immerse yourself and let the music captivate your senses.

You made it this far on your journey through all things SING and I hope you've enjoyed transcending time and space.  If you like it, love it and want more of it give me a follow on Spotify or wherever you listen to music!

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