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“…don’t write the song, don’t write anything, let the song create itself”

- Michael Jackson


Philly is where SING calls home but he has always had his eyes set on giving music lovers of the world, the opportunity to experience something different. After 2 multi-city European tours with AHMIR, songwriting camps in South Korea, and Primetime Television appearances, SING is now releasing new music and has kicked things off with, “The World Will Know Your Name.” (March 2022)


“The World Will Know Your Name” was written in SING’s original style of music, which he affectionately calls Chocolate Rock! It came to him at a time when he needed confirmation on the direction he chose to go in life. He quickly learned that the message of the song was too important to hold to himself, and has decided to release these lyrical affirmations into the atmosphere and has dedicated it to you, The Dreamer! SING wants everyone to know that you and your gifts are necessary and if you ‘Push until it's done’, "The World Will Know Your Name."

Social Media - @ ItsTheRealSING

#MusicHeals   #StayTuned

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